Sara Lin Starred It: 2012-12-14

A brightly-lit Christmas tree star in a dark room, decorated with wrought-iron curlie-cues.
Image via Flickr.

Sometimes there’s a day when there’s so much going on to grab my attention that I just can’t come up with a post about every little thing. Today is one of those days. I’ve still got Christmas gift work to get done – occupational hazard of assembling presents instead of buying them – and I’ve got plans to go out someplace fun tonight to celebrate my boyfriend’s end-of-term.

So instead of posting separately on everything that caught my attention this morning, I’ll just post links to whatever got a ‘star’ in my Google Reader, and you can follow up as you see fit.

  • “The Complete Depravity of Romans 1″: The fundamentalists at LifeSite News are angry about the Queen James Bible. Check the comments for much quoting of the Book of Revelation.
  • “The Horrible, Seductive Women and Children”: Why is it even possible for sex-offending ministers to remain in ministry? Libby Anne of Love, Joy, Feminism says it’s the particular intersection of non-judgment, equivalency of sin (where lustful thoughts are as bad as adultery is as bad as rape), pastors-on-pedestals, and victim-blaming.
  • Grotesque Neglect and Home-Churching: Becoming Worldly has this very fascinating piece on the insane absolutism of HeatherJanes’ life off-the-grid, and what it’s like for a kid being raised in that environment. It ties in nicely with a cult fiction piece I’ve been thinking of reviving. I want to keep an eye on this one.
  • “A Ton of Money For Being A First-Class Bigot”: One of my favourite sources, Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta, calls our attention to the financial payout awarded to a counselling student who got kicked out of her grad program. Why’d she get kicked out? Her Christian principles prevented her from helping suicidal LGBT people feel better about themselves. They should feel bad, they’re going to hell! *sigh*
  • Prostitutes Are People Too: Even if Sandra Fluke was, as Rush Limbagh suggested, a prostitute, does that mean she doesn’t deserve preventive health care? Feministing challenges the dichotomy between “worthy” and “unworthy” prostitutes, and the entire idea that women who make money by selling sex deserve workplace protections less than any other worker.
  • “God Is For Freedom, Equality, and Love”: I was very moved by Desmond Tutu’s impassioned plea to Uganda, equating an anti-gay view to the colonial views that saw black people as lesser citizens and calling on them to accept that “God does not discriminate”.
  • On a lighter note: this baby who loves her lightsaber made me want to procreate in spite of it all.

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