Sara Lin Starred It: 2013-01-06

Red Christmas ornaments on snowy satin with a rainbow background.
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I think I’m probably ready to get back to blogging now. My life is not entirely in order, but enough so that time and technology won’t get in the way of blogging. Switching to a new computer is a good opportunity to reorganize, but also very frustrating at times.

Anyway, time to get massively caught up on what’s been in my news feed since the new year began.

  • It turns out that, despite the common narrative (particularly amongst certain Republican constituencies who think he fails at absolutely everything), Obama is actually steering America towards some success in curbing emissions.
  • An Icelandic teen is suing for the right to be called by her name, which is not among the approved names on the list that keeps kids from growing up with monikers like Ellagance or Apple or Sparkal. But her name is none of these; it’s the sensible Icelandic ‘Blaer’ . . . forbidden to her because it’s approved for masculine use, but not feminine.
  • A diagram labelled "The Perfect Body", pointing to all the markers of thinness women feel like they have to have: visible collarbones, narrow waist, skinny arms, a gap between the thighs, visible hipbones, lean legs, and BOOBS.
    Image via This Is Thin Privilege.

    I just discovered the Tumblr “This Is Thin Privilege”, which is often insightful and useful for anyone who wants a greater awareness of how shaming and hurting chubbier people can be socially acceptable in a lot of situations. A good example? This thought-provoking post.

  • You might have seen this already, but I have to throw it in anyway, because I’ve been singing it for days straight: Catholic women parody “Call Me Maybe” while calling on the Vatican to allow female priests. “Hey, I was baptized, / And this is crazy / But God just called me / So ordain a lady!”
  • Along similar lines, a young woman calls on the Pope to come have dinner with her and her two moms, so he can understand that her family is not “intrinsically disordered”. Maybe 2013 can be “the Year of Calling Out Pope Benedict on All His Discriminatory Bullshit”. You think?
  • Non-religious parents may be doing right to avoid indoctrinating their children, but they still need to impart some religious literacy, lest their kids feel confused and disempowered when they have to interact socially with people of faith.
  • A damaged bike lying on the grass with one twisted wheel in the air.
    Image via Salvagetti.

    No Longer Quivering trots out an example of the scary and dehumanizing (but sadly not-uncommon) Christian purity metaphor wherein a woman who’s had sex is like something bought new that comes to you in broken, beat-up condition. People actually say this, and mean it, and see nothing wrong with it as an analogy.

  • Oh, and they also have a few quotes from extreme Christians battling to see who can have the most insane requirements for Biblical marriage. (I should say “extreme Christian men”, of course, because it would be a sin for a Christian woman to decide what man she’s going to marry. That’s Daddy’s job.)
  • Check out PostSecret’s heart-wrenching anti-bullying postcards, which get to some of the unspoken narratives that connect bullying to abuse. (“My mother is my bully”, for instance, or “that nice guy you’d never imagine to be a bully? looks can be deceiving.”)
  • On a lighter note, check out these monster balaclavas, to make going out in the cold way more fun!

More to come, faithful readers! Check back soon.

A lime-green balaclava knit to look like a monster face.
Image via The Mary Sue.

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