Sara Lin Starred It: 2013-01-13 (Misandrist Pants Edition)

Pink pants with lace cuffs, shown against a floral background.
Image via Fleece Fun.

I think I have an ear infection and I’d probably sell my soul for caffeine right now, but no time to waste: somebody is being wrong on the Internet right now. And other people may actually be out there being right. Here’s this week’s sampling:

Text-only poster reads: Because I am a girl, I watch my brothers go to school while I stay home; I eat if there's food left over when everyone else is done; I am the poorest of the poor. And yet, because I am a girl, I will share what I know; I am the heart of my community; I will pull my family out of poverty if you give me a chance; I will take what you invest in me and uplift everyone around me. Because I am a girl I can change the world.
Image via Rowan Family Tree.

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