Sara Lin Starred It 2013-01-23 (Western Feminist Scrapbook Edition)

A cartoon of a hijab-wearing woman speaking at a podium. She says: "I've gathered you all here today to tell you we do not need your saving, so you need to find some other interest to devote your energy to. I've heard your people enjoy scrapbooking."
Image via About Male Privilege.

A lot going on for me right now, including some really great writing-related stuff like a mention on Love, Joy, Feminism (squee!) and hopefully some further opportunities with the Friendly Atheist. But not so much that I can’t pass on a few things I found fascinating over the last little while, including:

  • An exorcism in the Ukraine that actually looks like it could be a pretty decent workout. (Via Christian Nightmares.)
  • A rather heartbreaking example of the kind of self-loathing inspired by purity culture, which redefines healthy sexuality as an addiction. (A completely earnest article from Boundless Magazine.)
  • Related, in that it’s another heartbreaking example of religious culture gone mad: just months after a girl’s father died, her youth pastor actually told her he was burning in hell for not accepting Christ as his saviour. (Talk about a Christian Nightmare!)
  • Hey, this is abhorrent too! Pro-lifers arrange for a children’s choir to sing ‘Happy Birthday, Dead Baby’ to everyone entering an abortion clinic on a given day. Problem is, that turned out to be extremely traumatic for a couple who hadn’t chosen abortion, but were there to remove a miscarried fetus from mom’s belly. (The original “fuck you” to those folks came from Feministing.)
  • I always love Libby Anne’s page-by-page review of Created To Be His Helpmeet, but this round is particularly scathing, really emphasizing the ways Christian patriarchy is really just a prescription for abuse. (Trigger warning applied by Love, Joy, Feminism.)
  • Here in my backyard, a bunch of University of Toronto students decided to ditch Catholicism because of the Church’s nasty Courage ministry for gay Catholics, which offers only two possibilities: conversion or celibacy. (Covered by Friendly Atheist.)
  • As we celebrate 40 years of choice and gear up for the continuing right-to-choose fight, Valerie Tarico examines what pro-choice attitudes and philosophies we can bring to bear when confronted with anti-abortion arguments from the right wing. (Learn more at IEET.)
  • Some thoughts about why vampires don’t have reflections in the mirror, and how it’s not so different from the way we erase minorities from our popular culture. (From the Polyverse.)
  • Macleans, which has lately been amusing me by printing right-wing nuttiness and mansplaining in their print magazine, earns back some cool cred with this clever translation of choice tidbits from the comments sections of stories about Idle No More. (Hark! A Vagrant led me to this.)
  • A collection of cool history-inspired television-show concepts that don’t have to revolve around male characters because “that’s how it was back in the day”. (Brought to us by the creative minds at The Mary Sue.)
  • I want to do this: a wall of photographs of apostates and defectors from Catholicism. I’m with Hemant Mehta – what we really need is a little caption on each saying why they left. The homophobia? The pedophilia? The sexism? That weird original sin thing? There’s just so many choices!

2 thoughts on “Sara Lin Starred It 2013-01-23 (Western Feminist Scrapbook Edition)

  1. Hi, I wanted to let you know that bitstrip is one I made and shared on my original blog (because chocolate that’s which was about my frustrations as a black,Somali,Muslim woman. I don’t understand why its being attributed to about male privilege which merely reblogged the image

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