Sara Lin Starred It: 2013-04-15 (Haunted Vagina Edition)

Cover art for 'The Haunted Vagina', a novel by Carlton Mellick the Third. Artwork depicts silver-skinned nude woman with red hair and pink horns, bent over (concealing much of her body), with skeletons in the background.
Image via Christian Nightmares.

This is a real thing. An actual book. You can buy it on Amazon.

The premise: Steve is madly in love with his eccentric girlfriend, Stacy. Unfortunately, their sex life has been suffering as of late, because Steve is worried about the odd noises that have been coming from Stacy’s pubic region. She says that her vagina is haunted. She doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Steve, on the other hand, completely disagrees. When a living corpse climbs out of her during an awkward night of sex, Stacy learns that her vagina is actually a doorway to another world. She persuades Steve to climb inside of her to explore this strange new place. But once inside, Steve finds it difficult to return… especially once he meets an oddly attractive woman named Fig, who lives within the lonely haunted world between Stacy’s legs.

I couldn’t make this stuff up, people.

What else is going on around the Internets this weekend?

  • Ken Ham is horrified to hear newscasters suggest that children do not belong to their parents. Sorry, Mr. Answers in Genesis – children are people, not property. (Via Answers in Genesis.)
  • Teach your kids consent! A handy guide to consent-based sex education. (Via Good Men Project.)
  • A portrait of Margaret Thatcher staring off into the distance, dressed in blue.
    Image via Metro.

    Thoughts about Margaret Thatcher following her death: from Morrissey (“she simply did not give a shit about people”) and Dan Savage (“Section 28 was the beginning of the end for political homophobia”). (Via Joe. My. God.)

  • Some compassion for actresses whose fame puts them in a very unforgiving body-image spotlight. (Via Dances With Fat.)
  • But even if you shrug off the suffering of celebrities, the harm our “system of beauty” does to female politicians is problematic. (Via The Atlantic.)
  • Why do fat people accept living as less-than? Because they believe in the promise of a ‘cure’ if they just try hard enough, even though studies show it’s unlikely. (Via Dances With Fat.)
  • If you’ve got unwelcome thoughts in your head judging other people’s bodies – things like “she shouldn’t be wearing that” or “I look like a heifer in this dress” or “yoga pants shouldn’t come in double-digit sizes” – this regimen will help you train your brain to be more accepting of your own body and other people’s. (Via Fat Heffalump.)
  • In public school buildings owned by the Catholic Church, teachers are not allowed to teach sex ed on campus. Students have to move off-campus to cover that part of the curriculum. Because sin. (Via Friendly Atheist.)
  • Generally speaking, Catholics are permitted to accept scientific consensus on topics like evolution, but that doesn’t mean they all do. And we’re not yet sure what the current pope’s stance is. (Via HuffPo Religion Canada.)
  • A black-and-white snapshot of Rehtaeh Parsons, looking skeptically at the camera.
    Image via Global News.

    A young woman named Rataeh Parsons killed herself after photographs of her rape situation circulated around her school and people decided it meant she was a “slut”. She’s one more casualty of a culture that fails to treat women with compassion. (Via Feministing.)

  • When girls get prohibited from wearing tight pants (like yoga pants or skinny jeans) because they’ll distract the boys at school, we’re perpetuating rape culture by making the girls responsible for the boys’ self-control. (Via Feministing.)
  • Damn right feminists are angry . . . but it’s not out of hate. Melissa McEwan has a great rant about how angry feminism – however unpalatable it looks – is about love, and a passion for women’s freedom to enjoy what they love. (Via This Is Rape Culture.)
  • Woman prisoners in Kabul are mostly there for “crimes” like leaving an abusive husband or refusing to marry whoever their parents picked for them. Oh, and their children accompany them to jail. (Via Yahoo! News.)
  • A brown-skinned Western woman wearing a T-shirt, with shoulder-length hair and no head covering, smiles and holds a sign that says, "Do I look oppressed to you?"
    Image via NY Daily News.

    A note to Western Muslim women who are protesting FEMEN: you may not need to be liberated, but you don’t speak for all Muslim women either. (Via Skepchick.)

  • And more: a satirical letter on Muslimah Pride. (Via Pakistan Today.)
  • Speaking of oppression in the name of religion, Pastor Joe Morecraft would like you to know: “there is a place for slavery in Godly cultures“. (Via RH Reality Check.)
  • The pink swastika? American talk show host Stan Soloman alleges that Nazism was a homosexual movement. Dunno why there hasn’t been more of an outcry around that, especially since the Nazis actively persecuted homosexuals and confined them to concentration camps alongside the Jews. (Via Right Wing Watch. I may write more on that later, because . . . I just . . .  Holy ridiculous claim, Batman!)
  • And if you’re wondering, homosexuality actually has its own set of Commandments. Strangely enough, you can’t find them on any gay activist sites, but that’s okay: Renew America has published them for your edification. (Via Right Wing Watch.)
  • Jackie Nanyonjo, dressed in a brown coat and leopard-print scarf, speaking up during a protest.
    Image via Mamba Online.

    Oregon crisis pregnancy centers are fighting a bill that would force them to be clear, forthright, and honest about whether they offer abortion referrals and contraceptive services. Ohs noes! Why does Oregon hate free speech? (Via RH Reality Check.)

  • The tragic story of Jackie Nanyonjo, who died fighting her deportation to a country where she’d be imprisoned or killed for being a lesbian. (Via Butterflies and Wheels.)
  • A South African Christian school is guilty of unconstitutional discrimination after saying they would only admit gay students who wanted to “change their lifestyle”. (Via Joe. My. God.)

Man, after all that, we need something cheerful. Here, have some classic sci-fi, reimagined a la Dr. Seuss. (Check them out. They’re all sorts of fun.)

A redrawing of the classic 'Green Eggs and Ham' cover, featuring a person examining the Green Eggs and Ham. The book title is "Green Eggs and Ham Is People".
Image via The Mary Sue.

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